Care Instructions

Charley & Ollie

Care Instructions


In order for your Charley & Ollie bibdana to last, we recommend the following:   

- Wash your bibdana prior to its first use  

- Hand wash or gentle machine wash in cold or warm water. Use mild detergent / no bleach   

- It is recommended that you dry your bibdana flat in the shade 

- Your bibdanas can be tumble dried on a warm cycle, however, please remember that all fabrics can shrink if they are left to tumble dry for extended periods of time   

- Do not dry clean  

- Iron the front of the bibdana but avoid the snap fasteners      


Your bibdana is for exactly that – to keep your bubba dry and protect their gorgeous clothes  

It is not recommended to wear the bibdana whilst feeding / eating, as they will dirty more easily / could stain  


- Never allow your child to sleep whilst wearing their bibdana  

- Our bibdanas are not toys and babies' should not be left to play with them / be left unattended  

- Bibdanas are not intended for newborns; your baby should be able to hold their head up unaided.  (i.e. before they are approximately 3 months)

- If there are any signs of significant wear, especially to the snap fastener, discontinue bibdana use immediately.